Our list of clients is varied.  It includes manufacturers, operating companies, electric and water utilities; engineering and consulting firms and contractors.  These firms represent a number of different industries, some of which include:
Food, Beverage and Manufacturing                                   Utilities and Independent Power Generators:

        Coca-Cola                                                      Mirant

       Nabisco                                                         Port Authority for NY/NJ

       Campbell Soups                                             Suffolk County Water Authority

       DuPont                                                         Pennsylvania Power & Light

       IBM                                                             Ogden Martin                          

Pharmaceutical                                                                  General Contractors       

        Wyeth                            Novartis                   Torcon                    SlatterySkanska

       Pfizer                             Amneal                    Skanska USA          Pizzagali      

       Schering                                                        Gilbane

       Bristol Meyers-Squibb                                    Turner

       Ortho                                                            Whiting-Turner

                        Engineering Firms and Equipment Suppliers                        Petrochemical                                                          

                                       Burns & Roe                                                 Valero

                               Washington Group International                      Sunoco

                               Paulus, Sokolowski and Sartor                        Rhodia

                               Layne Christensen